Photography has always been a passion for Robin. Having been involved in aviation for 20 years he didn’t expect his hobby to progress to a career, but it has…

He started taking pictures with inexpensive equipment while flying around Europe and the Middle East. Albeit with a keen eye and some great shots, he still never thought anything could become of this seemingly natural talent. In recent years, his flying career has taken him to Scandinavia.  Flying throughout the magnificent landscapes of Sweden and Norway, the beautiful views pushed Robin to the next level.

The stunning Scandinavian backdrop, combined with the very unique aspect he has from the air, produces breathtaking imagery. This is an aspect unavailable to most photographers. The undulating terrain, colours, skies and sunsets are unseen by many and experienced by few. Aerial photography is very difficult, if not impossible to re-create. This makes images taken from an already unique perspective, even more unique.

“I have always been amazed by the things I see on a day to day basis.  The natural world is incredibly stunning from the sky, an aspect not readily available to most photographers.  Some views are indescribable. Taking these photographs allows me to share this magnificent and very humbling world with more than just myself.”